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April 17, 2011 / X_Y

Choosing Platform for App: HTML vs Native Apps

Strength of native apps:

  • Push notifications. Don’t use push notifications just because you made a native app, but do make a native app if push notifications would deliver real value to your customers.
  • Offline access to data. Would your customers want/need to use your product  outside of cell/wifi range (on an airplane for example)?
  • Rich media. Streaming/buffering/caching and format support are much better with a native app.
  • Other native features. If you need integration with the camera, for example, then you have to go native.
  • App store is a good place to market for the app

Strength of web app:

  • Easier to develop, thus cheaper
  • Contributing to the next Gen internet standard
  • Easy accessible, easy to make changes. Any computer with a proper browser can access the app without the need of installing, and the developer have full control of upgrading.
  • There’re frameworks for making web apps look the same as native ones, narrowing the gap between native and web apps
  • Multi platform, js code developed with Titanium can be applied to iPhone and Android as well. But Titanium is a subset of native APIs.



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